advanced optical biometry

Advanced Optical Biometry

On Saturday 13th April 2019 a small group of the Focus Eye Centre clinical team attended an Advanced Optical Biometry course, organised by Carl Zeiss and held at the University of Technology’s Discipline of Orthoptics.

The program for the day covered requirements and tips for successful cataract surgery. The course was based on the IOL Master 700, just one example of some of the latest technology on offer to our patients at both our Kingsford and Double Bay clinics.

An interesting and fun day was had and the course has helped our clinical team further enhance existing knowledge in optical biometry and cataract surgery planning to ensure best patient outcomes.

FOCUS Progress

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual ophthalmic day surgery and consulting services education evening, FOCUS Progress last week! We hope you had a fantastic evening meeting new people and learning everything on offer at FOCUS Eye Centre from our team.


FOCUS at Schwind Laser Users Meeting in Singapore

FOCUS was excited to attend and present at the Schwind Laser Users Meeting in Singapore. The meeting was for users of the Schwind excimer laser and was attended by over 200 international delegates from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Canada.

Held at the grand Hyatt Singapore, speakers presented papers on treatments being carried out using the Amaris laser and patient outcomes. Results of laser treatments combined with corneal crosslinking were discussed. Using the Schwind  and corneal crosslinking some patients with thin or irregular corneas or conditions like keratoconus, who may have not been suitable for laser treatment in the past, are now candidates and can achieve improved vision and corneal stability.

FOCUS Director & Surgeon, Dr Smith spoke about how FOCUS Laser Eye Centre has linked the Schwind Amaris with the Ziess Visumax Femtosecond Laser so that we can offer the best technology for our patients.

AONA NSW Annual Conference 2015

FOCUS team presides, presents and attends the Annual Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association (AONA) Conference this Saturday 27th June 2015, at the Sofitel Hotel in Sydney.

FOCUS Nurse Jenny Keller, President of the Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association (AONA), is opening the National AONA NSW Conference, she writes;

Being part of the committee means volunteering many hours of service to the members, starting with the Annual Planning Day, over 200 hours are spent discussing, planning and documenting. In addition many hours are put into our regular meetings, administrative documents for the clinical events, preparation of financial documents. Finally we also prepare the program and general logistics around the annual conference. The events put on by AONA represent an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to update their skills…

As part of the continuing professional development of our staff, all FOCUS nursing and clinical staff are attending the events education day and FOCUS Surgeon Dr Con Petsoglou and Orthoptist Ana Alexandratos are also presenting at the conference. 

Dr Con Petsoglou is presenting “Disappearing Eye Drops: Sound of one hand Clapping!”

Presentation abstract:

In recent months there has been an increasing incidence of ophthalmic medications which have been withdrawn from sale, temporarily unavailable or unable to be manufactured. This includes Zovirax ointment, Chloramphenicol drops, Dexamethasone injections, PHMB, Retinoic acid, Voltaren single dose units and many other preparations with significant impact on the provision of eye care. Of particular concern, is that many of these medications have no other alternative leaving patients medically stranded! This lecture explores reasons for this current critical situation and potential solutions which includes lobbying of the TGA, health departments and government by all eye health professionals.

Ana Alexandratos is presenting “The Toric Lens Debate – Part 2″

Presentation abstract:

Toric Implants have been in use in Australia since 2006. Many Companies invest heavily in research and development to morph these lenses into the sophisticated and refined IOL’s we use today. We have seen their use steadily climb to approximately 60% in private practice. This talk focuses on understanding corneal astigmatism, how to measure it, and how a Toric implant corrects this astigmatism. Also to be discussed is how we would go about choosing these lenses for our patients and the various formulas currently used.

Dr Richard Smith presents at ESCRS 2014

European Society of  Cataract and Refractive Surgery Winter Meeting – Ljubljana, Slovenia 2014

Presentation: “Results of Astigmatism Correction with Alcon Acrysof T2 IOL”

Authors: Dr Richard Smith (presenter), Dr Margaret Kearns (co-author)

Abstract: This study indicated that accurate correction of astigmatism is possible down to +/- 0.5 Dioptre. This is an important element in achieving better vision from cataract surgery.

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Dr Smith and Dr Kearns present papers at the AUSCRS National Conference

Dr Smith and Dr Kearns are are presenting papers for the AUSCRS (Australian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) Annual Conference.  The 2013 annual AUSCRS conference is a vital focal point for the Society and has become a regular on the calendars of Australian and New Zealand ophthalmic practices.  The meeting provides an opportunity to source up-to-date information on scientific developments within the field of cataract and refractive surgery, as well as the many diverse areas which affect ophthalmic practices.

Papers presented:

Experience with Rayner IOLs –  3rd July 2013
Richard Smith

Bioptic correction of regular and irregular astigmatism – 5th July 2013
Margaret Kearns

Focus doctors volunteer for medical aid work in Sagaing Hills – Myanmar

Focus Doctors joined other eye specialists in the eye ‘out patients’ department, at Wachet Hospital, Sagaing Hills. The Australian team saw up to 750 patients over the 2 weeks screening for cataracts and ocular plastic conditions requiring corrective surgery.