gaming bad for eyes

Is gaming bad for eyes ?

Most of us at one point in our lives has been told…

“Don’t sit so close to the screen, it’s bad for your eyes !

but what’s true and what’s pure urban myth?

Computer/TV eyestrain has less to do with screens and more to do with the way you use them. Most of us forget to blink and take breaks as often as we should, so all that time spent staring at the screen can make eyes tired and dry. But it won’t damage your eyes.

Is gaming bad for eyes ? – in CTVNews article published on August 13, 2014 “Gaming isn’t all bad…” it is stated that in some cases gaming can improve your eye sight.

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eye care tips for winter

FOCUS eye care tips for winter

Whist warming your cockles by the fire this winter, spare a thought for your eyes. Mostly our time is spent thinking about how best to keep warm in the winter months and we can forget to care for our eyes. The following are a few eye care tips for winter – to keep your peepers healthy.

  1. Be mindful of dry environments – Much of our time during winter months are spent huddling round an open fire place or in the air conditioned comfort of our offices. As comforting as this can be such artificial environments can have adverse effects on your eyes. If you begin to experience any discomfort from dry eyes try distancing yourself from the heat source or use over the counter eye drops. Humidifiers can also be useful in alleviating dryness.
  2. Sunnies are your friend – The sun can be just as damaging – if not more so – in the winter months than in the summer months. In winter the sun sits lower in the sky and often shines directly in your eyes. Best protection is given from sunglasses that shade from the sides as well as the front.
  3. Snow White Snow Bright – Hitting the slopes? Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing protective ski goggles with 100% UVA & UVB protection. Skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities can be hazardous to your vision. Not only do you risk irritation or injury from both debris and other obstacles, but the reflective nature of the snow itself can double the harmful effects of sun on the eyes.
  4. Protect your children’s eyes – Make sure your children are also wearing appropriate UV goggles and eyewear. Sun damage is normally acquired from a young age and over time, your eyes can be harmed just as much as your skin. Using UV eye protection from a young age will counter these harmful effects.

If you are experiencing any eye discomfort this winter please contact your eye specialist to make an appointment.

laser eye surgery infographic

New Name – Same Doctors, Same Quality of Care…

Directors, Dr Richard Smith and Dr Margaret Kearns are highly experienced ophthalmic surgeons who commenced practice in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs 32 years ago. These respected specialists were integral to the development of laser refractive surgery in Australia 20 years ago. In creating their practice they put together the best team of Orthoptists, Registered Nurses and administrative personnel, to ensure the very best quality of care for their patients.

In 2013, their practice (known as the Sydney Eye Specialist Centre) underwent a huge transformation updating it’s premises, facilities and technology.  The Directors felt that they needed a new brand that reflected their newly modernised centres as well as their values and outlook. They re-branded to become FOCUS Eye Centre with their team of Doctors and Staff, who all remain committed to maintaining the same quality of care they always have.
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laser eye surgery cost

THE PRICE OF SIGHT: Is Laser Eye Surgery worth the cost?

Find out how much a routine laser eye surgery cost is in comparison to using disposable soft contact lenses & glasses in our comparative cost analysis info graphic.

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fascinating eye facts

20 Fascinating Eye Facts

Ever wondered how much brain power it takes to see? Did you know that men are able to read fine print better than women can? Here are 20 fascinating, funny and weird facts about the eye…

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Get Ready for Summer Laser Eye Surgery Sale 2014


THIS OFFER HAS ENDED – look out for future offers on our website

Summer’s just around the corner, and there’s never been a better time to lose those glasses.

FOCUS Eye Centre has reduced the price of PRK Laser Surgery and LASIK Surgery till the end of September.

  • No out of pocket fees for assessments
  • Surface Laser (PRK) Surgery reduced by $500 per eye
  • LASIK Surgery reduced by $400 per eye

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Laser Eye Surgery

Huffington Post recently published the article “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Laser Eye Surgery” on the 11th of June 2014.

Extract from Article:

If you’ve just about had it with the glasses and contact lenses, perhaps you’re considering laser eye surgery to correct your vision. But what does the procedure really entail? What are the risks? And will you have guaranteed perfect vision afterward?

We asked Dr. Sonia Yoo, M.D., professor of ophthalmology at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Health System, and Dr. James Salz, M.D., a Los-Angeles based refractive and cataract surgeon and clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, to answer the questions we’ve always wondered about getting corrective vision surgery — specifically, LASIK, which is undergone by about 700,000 Americans a year.



can cell phones cause blindness

Can using your cell phone in the dark cause blindness ?

Can cell phones cause blindness ???

In an article published last week by the Daily Mail Australia, a Chinese man needed an emergency operation after spending hours texting his girlfriend in the dark.

Extract from article:

Could using your phone at night cause blindness?

  • 26-year-old was diagnosed with the rare condition “Retinal Detachment”
  • This can cause blindness if it is not treated promptly
  • Scientists say cases are rising in young people – it usually affects those aged between 50 and 75 – and could be linked to excessive phone use



Dr Richard Smith presents at ESCRS 2014

European Society of  Cataract and Refractive Surgery Winter Meeting – Ljubljana, Slovenia 2014

Presentation: “Results of Astigmatism Correction with Alcon Acrysof T2 IOL”

Authors: Dr Richard Smith (presenter), Dr Margaret Kearns (co-author)

Abstract: This study indicated that accurate correction of astigmatism is possible down to +/- 0.5 Dioptre. This is an important element in achieving better vision from cataract surgery.

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Dr Smith and Dr Kearns present papers at the AUSCRS National Conference

Dr Smith and Dr Kearns are are presenting papers for the AUSCRS (Australian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) Annual Conference.  The 2013 annual AUSCRS conference is a vital focal point for the Society and has become a regular on the calendars of Australian and New Zealand ophthalmic practices.  The meeting provides an opportunity to source up-to-date information on scientific developments within the field of cataract and refractive surgery, as well as the many diverse areas which affect ophthalmic practices.

Papers presented:

Experience with Rayner IOLs –  3rd July 2013
Richard Smith

Bioptic correction of regular and irregular astigmatism – 5th July 2013
Margaret Kearns