eye care tips for winter

FOCUS eye care tips for winter

Whist warming your cockles by the fire this winter, spare a thought for your eyes. Mostly our time is spent thinking about how best to keep warm in the winter months and we can forget to care for our eyes. The following are a few eye care tips for winter – to keep your peepers healthy.

  1. Be mindful of dry environments – Much of our time during winter months are spent huddling round an open fire place or in the air conditioned comfort of our offices. As comforting as this can be such artificial environments can have adverse effects on your eyes. If you begin to experience any discomfort from dry eyes try distancing yourself from the heat source or use over the counter eye drops. Humidifiers can also be useful in alleviating dryness.
  2. Sunnies are your friend – The sun can be just as damaging – if not more so – in the winter months than in the summer months. In winter the sun sits lower in the sky and often shines directly in your eyes. Best protection is given from sunglasses that shade from the sides as well as the front.
  3. Snow White Snow Bright – Hitting the slopes? Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing protective ski goggles with 100% UVA & UVB protection. Skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities can be hazardous to your vision. Not only do you risk irritation or injury from both debris and other obstacles, but the reflective nature of the snow itself can double the harmful effects of sun on the eyes.
  4. Protect your children’s eyes – Make sure your children are also wearing appropriate UV goggles and eyewear. Sun damage is normally acquired from a young age and over time, your eyes can be harmed just as much as your skin. Using UV eye protection from a young age will counter these harmful effects.

If you are experiencing any eye discomfort this winter please contact your eye specialist to make an appointment.

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