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FOCUS on ski goggles

3 possible solutions for skiers who need to wear glasses…

With the ski season fast approaching many keen skiers with vision problems will struggle with goggles, and let’s face it going without just won’t work. You’ll struggle with ski maps and signs, you’re skiing will suffer because you won’t be able to see bumps and patches in the snow, switching between goggles and glasses is a hassle and you risk damaging your glasses…

FOCUS has some solutions for those heading out to the slopes.

  1. An impractical solution – Wearing oversized ski goggles that fit over glasses
    Wearing goggles over glasses tends to be uncomfortable and impractical. From your glasses steaming up to icy winds gushing into them due to gaps the glasses create, along with safety issues caused by wearing glass lenses on the slopes, wearing goggles over glasses can be a real hindrance and in some instances dangerous.
  2. An expensive solution – Buying prescription goggles
    You can buy customised ski goggles with prescription lenses. But these tend to add a hefty price on top of the already bloated price of your ski goggles!
  3. An invaluable solution – Finally taking care of the problem for good with laser eye surgery…
    At Focus Laser Eye Centre, our Day Surgery will correct your vision and have you on the slopes in time for this season… So what are you waiting for call our friendly staff and book an assessment today!

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