gaming bad for eyes

Is gaming bad for eyes ?

Most of us at one point in our lives has been told…

“Don’t sit so close to the screen, it’s bad for your eyes !

but what’s true and what’s pure urban myth?

Computer/TV eyestrain has less to do with screens and more to do with the way you use them. Most of us forget to blink and take breaks as often as we should, so all that time spent staring at the screen can make eyes tired and dry. But it won’t damage your eyes.

Is gaming bad for eyes ? – in CTVNews article published on August 13, 2014 “Gaming isn’t all bad…” it is stated that in some cases gaming can improve your eye sight.

An extract from the article reads …..


Gaming doesn’t just benefit kids…  Here are other ways video games have proven useful: 
… Improving your eyesight – really!

It may sound counter-intuitive, but in the last several years, a number of studies found playing video games can actually improve eyesight.

One study found healthy gamers who played games for several hours over a month improved their spatial resolution—or their ability to distinguish symbols on an eye chart more clearly, even with other symbols are nearby. Other studies found games enhanced contrast sensitivity—or their ability to discern changes in shades of grey, a crucial skill for driving at night, for example.

A Canadian study a few years ago found video games significantly improved the vision of people who were born almost blind due to cataracts. Even after these patients had surgery to remove the cataracts, many still had problems with such things as processing faces because they had missed that window in the first months of life when the brain’s visual cortex is wired.

But playing first-person shooter games helped players pay attention to action from all sides, forcing them to retrain their range of vision. After 40 hours of play, the researchers said patients improved their perception of motion and ability to see detail in low-contrast settings, allowing them to read an additional one to 1.5 lines on an optometrist’s eye chart than before.


As with all things moderation is key, the FOCUS team advises moderate gaming isn’t bad for your eyes. If your eyes feel tired while gaming, make sure to blink! and take a break when needed. If your vision is blurry, strained, or you get headaches while watching a screen, this may be symptomatic of a problem with your vision. In these cases make an appointment with your eye doctor and have an assessment.

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