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“We are out to give people the best vision they can possibly have, and our latest lasers do it more precisely, more easily and more safely than ever before. My greatest satisfaction is seeing someone happy with their result.”

“The main benefit of the AMARIS product family compared to other laser systems is the sophisticated eye tracking technology, which is highly efficient at tracking and compensating for the eye movements with unprecedented precision. As a result, patients rightly feel more secure during their treatment.”

“The thermal control technology and ablation control with two fluence levels play a very important role, especially in biological terms: the less the biological interaction with the corneal tissue, the more reliably wounds can heal.”

“The SCHWIND AMARIS technology fulfils a long list of requirements that are of fundamental importance to the eye surgeon.”

“The clinical results with the SCHWIND AMARIS laser are the best I have ever seen.”

Located in Kingsford, our Laser Eye Centre has the best technology available. We have the latest generation Carl Zeiss VisuMax laser, able to perform the breakthrough ReLEX SMILE “keyhole” procedure.

SMILE ReLEx is minimally invasive “keyhole” laser eye surgery

Used for Femto – LASIK surgery it has already impressed our patients and physicians alike with its sophisticated technology, precision and reliability. Because of this, our Laser Eye Surgery Centre is used not only by our own consulting doctors, but by visiting specialists as well.


Led by Dr Smith & Dr Kearns, our consulting doctors are highly qualified eye surgeons and some of the best specialists in Australia. READ MORE


Dr Brian Harrisburg