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FOCUS on the 3 C’s – Cornea, Chalazion & Cross Linking

FOCUS on the “Three C’s” : A presentation on Cornea, Chalazion & Cross Linking

Presented by: Dr Con Petsoglou – Ophthalmic Surgeon – FOCUS Eye Centre

Presented at: “Ophthalmology Update” October CPD event – FOCUS Eye Centre

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FOCUS on use of excimer lasers ( TG PRK )

Dr Gregory Moloney, visiting Corneal Specialist for FOCUS Eye Centre’s collection of works on recent clinical results of topography-based Customized Ablations

Article 1 – “Clinical Results of Topography-based Customized Ablations in Highly Aberrated Eyes and Keratoconus / Ectasia With Cross-linking” Download

Presentation 2 – “Topography-Guided Photorefractive Keratectomy TG PRK” – Presented at ESCRS 2012″ Download

Article 3 – “Lin Holland Tan Current opinion” Download

Corneal Cross Linking

What types of conditions will benefit from Corneal Cross Linking ?

Corneal Cross Linking is a relatively new treatment offered to patients with mild forms of Keratoconus. Keratoconus is a condition in which there are weakened bonds in the collagen fibres of the cornea. This causes distortion in the shape of a cone usually in the lower part of the cornea. Corneal Cross Linking is designed to strengthen and tighten these collagen bonds, much like a wide belt supports a sagging stomach.

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