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What kind of Eye Strain do you have?

Eye strain can be painful and frustrating to say the least However, what actually causes eye strain and what makes each type of eye strain so different? Here at Focus Eye Centre we are passionate about treating all conditions of eye strain and therefore have put together a list of the various causes of eye strain. By checking each different cause, you’ll then be able to find out what is causing your eye strain and what you can do to start fixing it.

Overworked Eyes

Just like any muscle, when the eyes are overworked, they can become both tired and strained. It’s important to give your eyes breaks when doing extensive amounts of computer work, reading or driving, as this can cause eye strain over time. If you think this is the reason for your eye strain, that is good news and you should be able to fix this yourself over time by changing your lifestyle habits. However, it’s impossible to verify 100% if this is the case, so the best thing to do is to adjust your lifestyle, as well as check in with your optometrist for an overall check-up.

Fussy Eyes

Have you noticed your eyes are completely fine when doing most activities, but suddenly they will feel very strange when doing another activity? Eyes that are more compatible with certain activities, e.g. driving rather than computer work. This could be a sign of long/farsightedness (hyperopia) or short/near sightedness (myopia). If you think this is the case of your eye strain, you should see your optometrist as soon as possible for an appointment.

Aging Eyes

It’s not common knowledge, but it certainly is a common issue. As you age, just like every other part of your body, your eyes may become weaker or cause some pain. People normally experience eye strain due to age after they hit their forties – sometimes earlier or later, depending on the person. With age, our eye muscles do have to work harder to achieve the same task as they did when they were younger, so strain is the result of this. However, it is reassuring to know that this is very normal and actually has a name – presbyopia. If you think age is what may be causing your eye strain, it’s a good idea to book in with your optometrist and get a check-up.

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