The Price of Sight

Is Laser Eye Surgery worth the cost? Benefits you can’t put a price tag on…


Throw away your glasses and contacts for good. You no longer need them!


Enjoy the improved quality of life while swimming, exercising, playing sport or simply reading.


Your eyes will no longer be irritated for wearing contact lenses too long.


No more time spent having prescriptions filled out and ordering new lenses…

Laser Eye Surgery Cost VS Contacts

What is your time worth?

  • Contacts

    • Refilling Prescriptions
    • Lens Fitting
    • Cost of Lens Solution
    • Cost of Back-up Glasses
    • Cost of Lost time
      (Applying contact lenses can take over 5 min out of your day, that’s over 73 hours a year! What’s your time worth?)
    • Cost of Freedom
      (Sick of fumbling for your glasses when you wake up, or misplacing them when you’re in a hurry! What’s a hassle free lifestyle worth to you?)
    • COST in $AUD: $10,000 / 20 years
    • COST in hours: 1460hrs / 20 years
  • Laser Eye Surgery

    • Consultation & Assessment
    • One Time Day Surgery
    • Follow up Appointment
    • COST in $AUD
      • SMILE $3,000 per eye
      • LASIK $3,000 per eye
      • PRK $3,000 per eye
    • COST in hours: 40hrs

Lifetime cost of contact lenses

With beginning use at Age 18

(Yearly Average Cost estimated at $505 and $73hrs)
COST in $AUD$1,010$6,060$11,100$16,160$21,210$26,260$31,310$36,360$41,410
COST in hrs146hrs876hrs1,606hrs2,336hrs3,066hrs3,796hrs4,526hrs5,256hrs5,986hrs